About Us

Design Philosophy

Truth, Goodness & Beauty


What does it take to design and build something that will remain in use  for 100 years….



True to form and function.

Serving it’s purpose well.



Make it good.

Good for you – the client and the generations who will use and enjoy it.

Good for us – the builders and crafters.

Good for the planet – the forests and land.

Good across time – the multi-generations to come.



Timeless beauty.

Simple elegance.

Well constructed, well made, well finished.

We treasure the things we find beautiful.

Meet Our Team

Russ Headshot 2

Russ Casenhiser

Co-founder, Designer, Craftsman

Along with an extensive work history in business, technology, operations, and ministry leadership, Russ also has had a passion for making handcrafted furniture over the last 8 years that is being enjoyed in homes and boardrooms across the United States. Studio C Woodworks brings all this work and passion together with precision, design and craft, making pieces that stand the test of time. Work history includes: The Knot | The Knot.com, Crystal Cathedral Ministries, Bibles by the Case, Creation Care Collective, Studio C Woodworks. Russ also holds a degree in Economics and an Executive MBA from Pepperdine University.


Becky Casenhiser

Co-founder, Designer, Client Service

Prior to Studio C Woodworks, Becky was one of the founders of Bibles by the Case - serving over 120,000 churches for over 20 years, one of the largest distributors of Bibles in the country. Becky was also part of the early creators of The Knot.com-the first online wedding resource working with millions of brides and grooms a year even in the early days, and co-founder of the Creation Care Collective serving churches globally with environmental care programs. Becky is also passionate about design, and for over the last 10 years has been assisting individuals and designers in creating functional, peaceful and beautiful interior environments. Becky has her undergraduate degree in Communications/Business, and Masters in Business/Executive MBA from Pepperdine University.


Russ and Becky have been married for 35 years, have two young adult children Kaley and Cameron and a new daughter-in-law Holland, and reside in Serenbe, GA.  


Russ & Becky often share…

“While our faith (being in the Christian tradition) roots who we are and all we do, we truly value the lenses of all folks, faiths, and traditions — and as we often say, all are welcome at the table!” 


“We also value family and a multi-generational household, as well as the wisdom, messiness, and joys that come along with that. We have been known to have 3 generations living together in our household, and usually sharing a meal every day all together. Our tables have had to function for 8 year olds and 80 year olds. Fun times!  This has truly given us a multi-generational perspective for design!”


“We are also grateful to have traveled (and still do) throughout this beautiful world, and find inspiration in the beauty, excellence, communal spirit, traditions, and timeless designs we come across.  We are particularly inspired by the designs and traditions in Switzerland, Germany,  Sweden, Australia, and in the United States particularly the California coastline, the Uinta Mountains in Utah, and the forest trails of Serenbe, Georgia.”